Thursday, September 08, 2005

Howdy Cowboy, Toastie !!!!

The meeting room was full with cowboys and cowgirls, and yup, with an Indian Chief too.

Although the meeting was actually scheduled to begin at 7 PM, there were some early birds who showed up at 5 PM. Wow, what an enthusiasm. Almost everyone came with the cowboy look: jeans and checkered shirts, and even with cowboy hats. Accept, of course, for our Chief ATM-S CL Al Torno who is the Toast Masters of the meeting. He had on his Indian Chief feather hat.

After our Sergeant-at-Arms TM Mulyanti Sugityo opened the meeting, the President of SCBD Toastmasters, TM Adlai Goldberg, welcome everyone to ensure that they enjoy the Howdy Cowboy Toastie party.

Chief Al Torno, invited everyone to sing a song, but they ended up only saying Yiii Haaa after each line – this was probably because no body knew the lyrics of the song, and it was hilarious. Then the Chief introduced Sheriff Vasta, who was the General Evaluator. Along with that, Sheriff Vasta introduced his Deputy Sheriff who were: Deputy Sheriff Pepy as the Grammarian and Word of the Day Counter; Deputy Sheriff Tuti as the Ahs Counter; Deputy Sheriff Sisil as the Ballot Counter; last but not least . . . me, Deputy Sheriff Ary as the Timer.

The Table Topic Master for the night was Wild Lady Yudiar, with her assistant Wild Lady Luly they started a game of horse riding around the room while the Honky Tonky Band played their music. The Wild Ladies with their lasso and whip caught 3 horse riders for the table topic speakers. The first table topic speaker was Regi, who told us about his favorite cowboy costume, then the second table topic speaker was Farina who told us about her fighting with modern bandits, and the last table topic speaker was Yos who told us about his embarrassing moments with drinking alcoholic beverages.

The Prepared Speech Session was performed by convicted robbers Andi Luthfi and Adlai Goldberg who were wearing black and white striped shirt along with chain and mask. Convicted robber Luthfi was telling us that bike riding can be fun as well as good for our health, while convicted robber Adlai Goldberg told a story about Balls and Chain.

After the Prepared Speech Session, the Honky Tonky Band from BofA played another song entertained us the Evaluators were ready to give their evaluation. Sheriff Mien Soemari evaluated convicted robber Luthfi, and Sheriff Harlina evaluated convicted robber Adlai.

The SCBD Charter began with a brief history of SCBD Toastmaster. Then our Area Governor I-1 TM Damayanti started to induct the Club Officers. After that the members of SCBD Toastmasters were inducted by TM Ade.

Then, TM Sisil announced winners of the evening. Best Table Topic speaker was Yos, TM Adlai Goldberg was the best Prepared Speech Speaker, and ATM-S AL Harlina was the best Evaluator.

In this meeting SCBD Toastmasters Club also acknowledged those who have supported and contributed so much to the club by giving Certificates of Appreciation. Recipients of these Certificates of Appreciation were: DTM Wardiman; CTM Luly, ATM Indra; DTM Nono; DTM Laura; CTM Vasta and AG I-1 TM Damayanti.

The Howdy Cowboy, Toastie party must be over some how, and to end the party almost everyone participated in a line dancing.

Yiiii Haaaaaaaaaa………

SCBD Toastmasters Club Secretary
Ary Maulita, TM

Friday, August 26, 2005

Minutes of Meeting - August 16, 2005

OOps.. Masters of Toast did it again!

As Indonesians, it was a solemn moment to be greeted by the red and white flag in Ernst&Young training room and by the Mars Lagu-lagu perjuangan as we came in. It was even a more solemn moment to sing teh anthem "Indonesia Raya" to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Indonesia's Independence Day. M E R D E K A!!!


Let's meet the cowboys of toasts... at SCBD toastmasters club;

August 30, 2005
Ernst & Young - Training Room
BEJ Building, tower 2, 7th floor

Dress code: Western/Cowboy look/Country

Edutainment fee: Rp25,000

RSVP required at the latest on Saturday, August 27, 2005 or


Monday, August 22, 2005

Fellow Toastmasters, members, and friends....

Enjoy our new blogspot which enables us to see what's update from our club!

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